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Triple-footed phoenix (Hwandudae do) Traditional Sword B-style

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Manufacturer Self-production
Origin Republic of Korea
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환두대도는 한국의 옛날 삼국시대 지배층의 무덤에서 주로 출토되어 금은장식을 띠고 있는 직선 장검이다.
고려도검 제작회사는 이것을 검과 katana로 재현하였습니다.
특히 백제, 가야, 신라의 5∼6세기대 분묘 출토품이 전형이다.환두에 장식된 도안에 따라 여러모양이 있는데  

이것은 용봉문대도(龍鳳紋大刀) 중 고구려 삼족오 이다.  

용봉문대도는 우리나라뿐만 아니라 중국과 왜에서도 많이 제작되었는데

모든 대도 가운데 최상급 대도였다.

 대가야에서 출토되는 은장대도와 상감대도의 기원은 백제에서 찾을 수 있다.

삼국시대 환두대도스워드는 나라별로 제작기법상의 차이가 확 되고 있다.
환두대도스워드 대개 피장자의 허리춤에 패용된 채 출토되는 경우가 많으며,

 백제와 신라가 전형적이다.

삼국시대 각국에서 환두대도가 본격적으로 제작되는 시기는 5세기이며 대개 6세기 전반경까지 이어지는 것 같다.

대도제작의 주체는 각국 왕실이었을 것이고

왕경의 공방에서 일괄로 제작하여 영역내 제세력의 통제라는 정치적 목적성을 가지고 하사한 것으로 추정된다.

본검은 10번 접은 접쇠로 정교하게 제작 되었습니다.

Hwandudae do is a straight-line sword with gold and silver decorations that was excavated from tombs of the ruling class of the Three Kingdoms period in Korea.
The manufacturing company of the Korea sword reproduced this with sword and katana.
In particular, excavations of tombs from the 5th and 6th centuries of Baekje, Gaya, and Silla are typical.There are various shapes depending on the design decorated in the hall, which is Yongbongmundaedo : (goguryeo)Triple-footed phoenix . Yongbongmundaedo was produced not only in Korea but also in China and Japan, which was the best of all. The origin of Eunjangdae-do and Sanggam-dae-do excavated from Daegaya is found in Baekje.In the Three Kingdoms Period, there are wide differences in production techniques of the Hwandudae Dosword by country.
Hwandudae-dosward is often excavated, usually worn on the waist of the deceased, and Baekje and Silla are typical. It is the 5th century when Hwandudaedo Island was produced in various countries during the Three Kingdoms Period, and it seems to last until the first half of the 6th century. It is believed that the main body of the Daedo production was the royal family of each country, and that it was produced in a single column in the royal court with the political purpose of controlling the forces within the realm.

It's a hammering and forge  and  heat it up

  • Traditional Hwandu daedo Katana sword Tachi, a sword of the royal family of Goguryeo in Korea, was excavated from the tomb of the king.
  • Korea's coreasword company reproduced it in its old form
  • Hand Forged Clay Tempered SK Steel Traditional Hwandu daedo
  • The most important use of this katana was for KATA and professional Thameshigiri during iaido training.
  • Blade was created by Junki Swardmaker of Korea, a student of Kunimasa Matsuba, a famous swardmaker in Japan
  • Warm Prompt: Because of our swords are all 100% pure handmade, This need is about 17~30 days or so to complete made


칼날 73cm , 칼길이 104cm , 전체길이 113cm 손잡이 34cm (장식제외) 검집 81cm

무게 975g


 Blade Length 73cm Total Length 104cm Weight 975g

 Blade Width: Habaki 3.4cm Kisagi 2.65cm

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Product Name Triple-footed phoenix (Hwandudae do) Traditional Sword B-style
Price $1,400.00
Retail Price $1,500.00
Manufacturer Self-production
Origin Republic of Korea

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